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Adorable baby skin-sweater BOK-325 Knitting Book Buku Kait Craft

Adorable baby skin-sweater BOK-325 Knitting Book Buku Kait Craft

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Baby sweater can be so fashionable and stylish? Star full range of children fashion little sweaters and hats, make your baby become the center of attention mothers, dressed his little baby is every Freaky are bored important work. The book details the approximately 60 models set fun, personality, fashion in one of the small baby sweaters, vests, hats, shawls, blankets and other knitting method, easy to learn, you can easily create a tidal range of children baby.

"Adorable baby skin-sweater" Yes "novice hand made series from entry to the master," one series. 
"novice from entry to the master hand-woven Series" is the first full set of knitting learning tutorial series, including "Knitting foundation" "Crochet Foundation", "zero-based learning knitting blankets", "zero-based learning crochet blankets "" Adorable baby skin-sweater "," baby wool hand-knitted hat "," sweet girl knitting sweaters, "" handsome boy knitting sweaters, "" hand-woven newborn baby essentials "nine books, including woven basis, knitting patterns, crochet small household objects, clothes knit hat, from easy to difficult successively advanced, with a full tutorial knitting, crochet knitting learn together. The entire book full color printing, very beautiful, worthy of collection.

 Language  Chinese
 Translated From / Publish origin Chinese
 Skill Level Intermediate to Expert
 Technique Knitting
 Diagram / Written Instructions Diagram
 Estimated Weight  420gm
 Number of pages  96
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