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Knitting Row Counter 2pcs Small Big

Knitting Row Counter 2pcs Small Big

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  • Quantity per pack :
    Small : 1ᅠPiece
    Medium : 1ᅠPiece

  • It slides on to the needle to keep track of the row being knitted. Counts up to 99 rows.

  • Manually turn the counter's end for the desired number.

  • NOTE : Color may vary depending on stock.

How to use it?

A knitting row counter is a device used to keep track of the number of rows in a knitting project.
The concept is simple:
When you complete a row of knitting, you tick off one mark on your counter.
This helps you reference the place in your pattern and it's just one more way to prevent mistakes.
It typically consists of a small mechanical or digital device that can be attached to the knitting needle or project itself.
The row counter will then count each row as it is knitted, allowing the knitter to keep track of their progress.
This can be particularly helpful in complex patterns where precise row counting is crucial.

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