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Adorable baby comfortable clothing woven BOK-346 Knitting Book Buku Kait Craft

Adorable baby comfortable clothing woven BOK-346 Knitting Book Buku Kait Craft

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As an expectant mother, she finished the book series, really like, one can not help but to prepare yourself for that little angel has not been met. It is also recommended to other mothers and babies under 1 year old moms. Various occasions used baby clothing are involved: Out cloak, hat, gloves, lace jacket, two-piece cardigan, turtleneck; facilitate activities vest baby playing at home, dress jackets, overalls, socks ; baby blanket when sleeping, nightcap, knit nightdress ...... works mostly by the designer, there Kawai Mayumi Okamoto Keiko, michiyo, River Road Yumiko like, baby wear is not only cute, but also very comfortable moving around one o'clock unfettered. You want to prepare a gift for the baby, as well as more intimate than this.

"Moe Baby clothing comfort weave" Crochet and Knitting divided into two parts, are 0-12 months baby supplies, including a collection of shawls, vests, long-sleeved sweaters, dresses, overalls, hats, socks etc., a total of 23 works. Skin-friendly soft wool, the most suitable for infants under 1 year old dressed and movement styles, many works by mothers alike. Book on acupuncture has involved detailed illustrated, but also to two works, for example, details the Knitting and crochet every step of the operation, I believe can help to many new mothers want hands-on weaving.

 Language  Chinese
 Translated From / Publish origin Japanese
 Skill Level  Advanced beginner to Intermediate
 Technique Knitting & Crochet
 Diagram / Written Instructions Diagram
 Estimated Weight  455gm
 Number of pages  96
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