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Soft Dream Cotton 100gm 2mm 5 ply Page02 Benang Kait Yarn SDC

Soft Dream Cotton 100gm 2mm 5 ply Page02 Benang Kait Yarn SDC

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Material :      60% Organic Cotton, 40% Acrylic
Weight :      90-100gm
Length :      240m
Suggested Needle / Hook Size :      3mm - 5.0mm
Gauge :      20 stitches x 28 rows using 5mm knitting needle
Strands :      5 ply, 2mm diameter
Recommended projects :      scarf, toys, blanket, jacket, sweater, hat, bag and etc. 

Estimate balls of yarn needed
Adult Sweater :   10-16
Child Sweater :   3-8
Shawl :   8-9
Scarf :   3-6
Hat :   1-2 

Introducing Soft Dream Cotton yarn: a cherished delight for both beginners and experienced crafters. This carefully crafted yarn embodies gentle creativity, offering a delicate touch that guides novices through their crafting journey with ease. Comprised of pure organic cotton, each strand weaves a tale of sustainability and comfort. 

Craft luxuriously with a yarn that not only caresses your skin but also breathes life into your creations. Soft Dream Cotton yarn boasts skin-friendly, breathable qualities, draping wearables elegantly while ensuring enduring beauty by resisting pilling. From cozy scarves to intricate cardigans, this versatile yarn adapts effortlessly, accompanied by a recommended needle size of 3-5mm for seamless stitching and the realization of your creative visions. Elevate your craft with the elegance of nature – Soft Dream Cotton yarn is ready to embrace your artistic touch.

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