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Economy Cotton 90-100g 7-8ply 4mm Tufting Benang Kait Yarn ECA2

Economy Cotton 90-100g 7-8ply 4mm Tufting Benang Kait Yarn ECA2

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Economy Cotton 90-100g 7-8ply 4mm (Crochet & Knitting)
Suggested Needle / Hook Size :      5.0 - 8.0mm / US8 - US11

Economy Cotton (ECA2) yarn is suitable for humid and hot weather (summer).
The thicker yarn allows you to quickly finish projects.

With its cotton property, it is also soft and suitable for baby or direct wear on skin projects.

Other project suggestions : Baby wearables, baby blanket, scarf, sweater, hats, gloves, bags, granny squares, amigurumi, tufting and many more.

Type :      Economy Cotton (ECA2)
Strands :      7 or 8 Strands (7-8 Ply)
Thickness :      4mm diameter
Fiber Content :      80% Cotton, 20% Milk Fiber
Weight Group :      5, Bulky, Chunky
Weight :      90-100gm
Length :      109m +- 5%
Recommended Needle / Hook Size :      5.0 - 8.0mm / US8 - US11
Gauge [4" x 4"] :      15 stitches, 20 rows using 5.5mm needles
Washing Instructions :      Machine Washable, put in netting

SUITABLE FOR BEGINNER (Crochet & Knitting)

*** Always buy enough quantity for your project. 'COLOR VARIATION' or 'DYE LOT' difference is normal between batches (Manufacturing variation).
You might get slightly different tone than your earlier purchase if that happens.
We do not track color variations / batches for each order. Requests will be ignored.

Item Estimated Yarn Needed (in balls of yarn)
Baby Jacket 2 - 3
Baby Blanket 7 - 8
Scarf 2 - 3
Sweater 8 - 10
Hat 1 - 2
Gloves 2 - 3
Bags 3 - 4


Please note that these are estimates and the actual amount may vary depending on the specific pattern and your knitting or crocheting style. It’s always a good idea to buy a little extra to make sure you don’t run out. Happy crafting! 😊


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